Beth Andrew, LISW

Executive Director

"God has given me the gift of grace and it is my responsibility to also give this gift to all those I serve."

Beth is proud to be an adopted child and this experience is one of the reasons she entered and has stayed within the field of social work. Beth attributes her strength, honesty and dedication to the consistent love of her parents. She knows she was given a gift when God choose her parents and has counted her blessings her entire life. Beth has been married to her handsome and loving husband for the past 25 years, and they have five fur babies (always looking to add more).  

While Beth has spent the majority of her life in rural Iowa, she has taken advantage of multiple opportunities to live, serve and reside in large cities and foreign countries. Beth believes the largest growth takes place within the family and has dedicated her work the past 26 years to serving families through family therapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Functional Family Therapy. It is such a joy to witness families find hope within themselves and overcome their obstacles and realize they can be successful and thrive.

Beth feels her role as Executive Director is to support the work of everyone on the team. She knows she cannot do her job without the talents, expertise and dedication of the Family Services/Wolfe Ranch staff. Beth is proud to lead a staff with over 100 years’ combined experience, each one with a focus on providing the highest quality service to every person who seeks our services. This staff has a love and vision to truly Serve as Christ Serves. What a blessing!


Masters in Social Work, University of Iowa

B.A. (Psychology) Central College (Pella, Iowa)

License and Certifications

Licensed Independent Social Worker

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning Certification

Functional Family Therapy Site Lead

Experience and Training

Family Therapy

Trauma-Informed Focus

Clinical Supervision

Administrative Supervision

Executive Director

Wade Corwin

 Advanced Clinician

"Everyone can change and anyone can affect change given the right help and opportunity".

Wade has been working in this field for over 20 years.  Throughout that time he has had the opportunity to work in many different areas including juvenile residential, shelter care, day treatment, and In home counseling.  Since coming to Quakerdale he has also done a wide variety of counseling including BHIS services, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and is currently working with a team doing in home services through Functional Family Therapy (FFT).

Wade stays pretty busy between work and spending time with his two kids that are 15 and 11.  He also enjoys spending time out golfing, hunting, and fishing.


Masters in Secondary Education

Drake University

B.A. (Sociology) South Dakota State University

Duane Eberly

Family Support  Specialist

"I believe change is best implemented through encouragement and hope. I strive to be a family’s cheerleader, telling stories of perseverance and endurance. With hope and encouragement, a family is more likely to persevere, listen to suggestions, take healthy risks and chart their own road to success.

Even though Duane was born in Indiana and  lived in San Diego to New York City, he decided to call Iowa his home. He is married to his wife, Tammy, and has four children who live in Iowa.  Since he lived on a small farm, towns and cities, Duane understands there are different struggles for individuals  and families. Since each person is unique, there needs to be a unique approach.

Duane’s diverse educational experience also enhances his ability to relate to people. He attended a high school of 2,500 students in San Diego and a college of 1,000 students in Virginia. All of his children attended a small school in Manning, Iowa.

His diverse work experience contributes to Duane’s ability to work with a wide range of individuals. Working at Shelters, residential treatment, and substance abuse centers has helped Duane’s ability to relate to families and individual in all walks of life.

To find out how Duane can assist you or your family, call 641-752-3912.



B.S. in Social Work

Eastern Mennonite College


Life Experiences

Coach youth baseball and baseball

Mentoring program

Substitute teacher

JCO tracker


Work Experiences

Youth Shelter Care in Fort Dodge, Ia.

Teen Challenge in Brooklyn, NY

House parent in Manning, Iowa

Residential Treatment Caseworker

BHIS worker


I believe together we can formulate a pathway to your family’s success.

Ron Eberline

Advanced Clinician

"To serve all and any person or persons in need regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Socioeconomic Status."

Ron was born and raised in Iowa and remains committed to the well being of all the families of Iowa. Ron obtained his Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and has worked for Quakerdale Family Services for the past 23 years. Ron has extensive experience in helping those with mental illness, family conflict, development and intellectual disabilities and juvenile delinquency. Ron has his Master of Social Work license as well as being a Qualified Mental Health Professional and Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional. Ron has a wonderful wife of 25 years and three children and three grandchildren with a fourth grandchild on the way in the near future. Ron is grateful and privileged to work for Quakerdale Family Services for over two decades and looks forward to continuing to serve families and children in Iowa and beyond. In the course of employment with Quakerdale Family Services, Ron provides Behavioral Health Intervention Services, In-home Family Therapy, Family Team Decision Making Meetings and Youth Team Decision Making Meetings.

To find out how Ron can assist you or your family, call 641-752-3912.



Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology for Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas


  • Extensive Training and Expertise in the areas of:

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Strategic Training for Effective Parenting

  • Mental Illness

  • Developmental Disorders including Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder


As an employee of Quakerdale Family Services, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from all walks of life. As a family therapist, I am able to work with children, adolescents, and adults by providing family therapy. 


Ryan Keller 

Marriage and Family Therapist

"As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I believe that every individual, family, and couple deserves to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams; and sometimes we need help in reaching those dreams. I want to provide you with that help."

Ryan Keller was born and raised in rural Tama County, Iowa. He has been married to his wife for the past 20 years, and they have two children.  Ryan understands that there can difference between the struggles of individuals or families living in the country, a small rural town, and those in medium to large towns across Iowa.


Since joining the Quakerdale Family Services in January, Ryan has provided individual therapy for children, teenagers, and adults; family therapy; premarital counseling; and couples therapy. All of these therapies can be provided via in office and equine assisted (only offered in the Marshalltown location) therapy sessions. 


Ryan also offers BHIS services for families needing help with learning skills to overcome unhelpful behaviors.

A new service being offered at Quakerdale Family Services is Premarital and Couples Therapy. Premarital therapy is not just for church, studies show it can help reduce the possibility of divorce by 40%.

Contact Ryan fior a free 15 minute consultation at 641-752-3912



Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy,

 Liberty University


  • Family Therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • BHIS services

  • Premarital and Couple Therapy

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

  • Faith

Special Certifications

  • Prepare-Enrich Marriage Assessment

  • Financial Coaching

  • Christian Counseling—sometimes clients like the option of bringing their faith into therapy.

As an employee of Quakerdale Family Services, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from all walks of life. As a marriage and family therapist (MFT), I am able to work with children, adolescents, and adults by providing individual, family, and couples therapy. I also enjoy having the option to provide equine assisted therapies to my clients who benefit from having a horse in session to help us focus on exploring and processing strategies for positive change.

Debbie Wilson,Office Manager

Debbie is our Office Manager and greets many clients in our front office as they stop by our Marshalltown location.  She creates patient appointments, and handles our insurance billing in addition to the many other office duties that she does "behind the scenes".

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