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Volunteers are of huge value to nonprofit organizations. Recent studies estimate that about a hundred million people volunteer each year with an annual value in the range of $150 billion. Not only do volunteers help to save money, but they can provide better service to clients, increase contact with the greater community, make available better expertise, and reduce costs of services.

From the early days of America, volunteers have pitched in to treat community maladies and needs. Hospitals, orphanages, schools and local fire companies (to name a very few) were the result of a civic rallying around a cause. That civic concern and community coalescence continues today in religious charities, Habitat for Humanities, hospitals, libraries, schools and colleges, Hospices, and YMCAs (to name just a very few). While we’re sometimes leery of volunteers, the truth is that nonprofit organizations would not exist if it were not for the volunteers. (D.C .Dreger, “Volunteers: What Can They Do For You Today?)

While our Family Services ministry does not utilize volunteers to the extent many of our other ministries within Quakerdale do, we could not provide one of our very unique services without them. Our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy services depends upon the generosity of our volunteers who love horses and love helping people. The dedicated volunteers who assist us are a vital part of our team, partnering with us and the horses to serve families who are hurting and needing a safe place to heal. We look for those who want to connect their personal calling with our Christian Mission and those who believe people have the capacity to grow and change. In this piece of our ministry we get to be outside, interacting with both horses and families and seeing real change happen.

Please contact us if you desire to be part of our mission minded team of ministry and service providers.

I Want to Be a Part of Your Ministry

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