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Challenge Accepted

Our ministry partner, Wolfe Ranch's Shoe Drive, in partnership with Funds2Orgs, is in full swing and the results are amazing.

To date we have collected …

Drumroll Please

… 1,153 pairs of shoes!

Our original goal was to collect 1,000. Having surpassed that goal we have reset our sights and are now aiming for 2,500.

Now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute. Let’s get real. Do you actually think you can almost double the number of shoes collected to date by July 31?”

The answer to that is “YES”.

But to do that we need your help. We are asking our drop-off locations to collect an additional 500 pairs of shoes. The remaining 1,000 pairs of shoes would come from our …


If our locations can collect a total of 1,500 pairs of shoes and our Virtual Shoe Drive can raise $1,000 we will reach our goal of 2,500 pairs.

So what do you think?

Can you help us out?

Join me in donating toward our goal of $1,000 by making your donation today.


and give $1.00 for every pair of VIRTUAL SHOES you want to donate. The Ranch will take it from there.

Thanks for joining me & helping us reach our goal!

Dan 2021 Shoe Drive Coordinator Wolfe Ranch of Quakerdale 2932 240th Street Marshalltown IA 50158 USA

PS — USE THIS LINK to learn about the Funds2Orgs Shoe Drive happening at Wolfe Ranch NOW through July 31.

PPS — Spread the word. Share this post on your social media and invite the people in your personal, professional, and social networks to join us!

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