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Family Connections

One of my favorite things is seeing families build their relationships and grow their connections with those they care the most about. To do this we must invest in our relationships. This is not always the easiest thing to do, however the effort we put into it will most certainly be worth it. As a family therapist I get asked a lot of questions, but the most asked question seems to be "how do I get my kids to listen to me or do what I ask them to do?" Well, this is certainly a challenge, however if we focus on our relationship as opposed to focusing on compliance our chances of experiencing success will be much higher. You see we do things for others because we care and we want to see them happy or to be proud of this.

I love this quote and I think it really captures what I talk with families about when they ask me the question about getting their kids to listen.

I was invited to preview a video series about making connections with your kids. I just recently finished this series and liked the way the author approached the topic. The videos are short and to the point and give you some concrete tasks to work on before you come back and watch the next lesson. I thought those of you who read this blog might find this information helpful. I believe the investment you make in connecting with your kids will be worth it. Enjoy!

To learn more about this series, click on this link. How to Connect Better With Your Kids

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